Yumiko Inukai先生 講演会

Yumiko Inukai先生(University of Massachusetts Boston) の講演会のお知らせです。

日時:2015年7月31日(金) 16:30~18:00


Title: James (and Hume) on Radical Empiricism and Object

Abstract: James presents his version of empiricism as *Radical* empiricism, distinguishing it from “ordinary” empiricism. He emphasizes the experiential reality of relations, especially conjunctive ones, and uses them ingeniously to account for Subject/Object distinction without postulating anything unobserved. I will discuss James’ Radical Empiricism contrasting it with Hume’s empiricism, and his account of the subject/object distinction for which he introduces the notion of “pure experience.” Although my focus for this talk will be on James’ accounts, I hope to show at the end that there is an interesting parallel between James’ explanation of subject/object and Hume’s.