Kyoto Workshop on Dialetheism and Paraconsistencyのお知らせ


Kyoto Workshop on Dialetheism and Paraconsistency
【場所】京都大学 吉田泉殿
Oct. 9
Session 1: True Dialetheists discuss Dialetheism
10:00–11:00: Zach Weber: On what is possible, what is not, and what is both
11:00–12:00: Yasuo Deguchi: Non-dialetheic Dialetheism

12:00–13:30: Lunch break

Session 2: Theories based on LP
13:30–14:30: Timo Weiss: Inconsistent Math Foundations — Cantor and Beyond
14:30–15:30: Daniel Skurt: Some remarks on identity in 1st and 2nd order minimal LP

15:30-15:50: Coffee break

Session 3: Philosophical issues related to Paraconsistency
15:50–16:50: Ryosuke Igarashi: An anti-Realistic interpretation of catuskoti
16:50–17:50: Colin Caret: No Cause for Alarm

18:30- Dinner
Oct. 10
Session 4: Ineffability and Being: topics in Dialetheism
10:00–11:00: Maiko Yamamori: Inclosure, Curry and Ineffability
11:00–12:00: Filippo Casati: Seyn, Grund and der Letzte Gott.

12:00-13:30: Lunch break

Session 5: Extensions and expansions of FDE
13:30–14:30: Adam Přenosil: Super-Belnap logics: charting the terra incognita
14:30–15:30: Takuro Onishi: A four-valued frame semantics for the relevant logic R.

15:30–15:50: Coffee break

Session 6: Meinongians discuss Paraconsistency (and not?!)
15:50–16:50: Naoya Fujikawa: Possible and Impossible Objects in Modal Meinongianism
16:50–17:50: Franz Berto: As Good As It Gets: Modal-Epistemic Logic for Inconsistent Agents, Without Paraconsistency, or Impossible Worlds

18:30– Dinner