Dr. Sara M Langstonレクチャーのお知らせ


講師:Dr. Sara M Langston (Senmurv Consulting LLC)
場所:京都大学 文学部校舎1階 会議室

Reimagining Icarus: Defining the Ethical and Legal Parameters for Human Space Exploration

Space exploration and human spaceflight inherently raise numerous practical, ethical and legal issues for consideration, to include medical, scientific and technological implications. In some instances, ethics and law may overlap, this is particularly evident in the area of bioethics. Whereas, in other areas such as risk, ethics and law can be more visibly distinct. This talk will highlight some of the significant and pressing issues facing the space industry today with regard to developing practical ethical and legal frameworks for human space exploration. Topical parameters here can be broadly categorized as: 1) Medical – this includes bioethics, medical uncertainty, spaceflight selection and medical monitoring, and informed consent; 2) Environmental – human implications and planetary protection, and space as the ‘province of all mankind’; 3) Risk Management – appropriately evaluating the risks inherent to human spaceflight is one of the more demanding yet currently underdeveloped areas of moral decision-making frameworks, this includes comprehending the relevant risk culture and geopolitical climate; and 4) Societal conceptions and perceptions on what it means to be an ‘astronaut,’ and the accompanying rights and duties of spacefarers. These overarching topics present a big picture perspective on some of the pertinent interconnected physical, legal and ethical parameters for individuals engaged in human space activities. Yet the global nature of space exploration activities also calls for a wider discussion on appropriate ethical approaches to developing practice and norms, particularly on the questions of risk, uncertainty and understanding in what ways human spaceflight and exploration impact and inform our societal and moral frameworks on Earth.