Dr. Paolo Bonardi Workshopのお知らせ

講演者:Dr. Paolo Bonardi (UCLA)

日時:2016年7月25日(月), 16:30–18:00

場所:京都大学 文学部校舎1階 会議室



Title:The Semantic Content of Empty Names and the Logic of Nonexistent Objects

Abstract:Millianism is the doctrine according to which the semantic content of a proper name is exhausted by its referent. My talk will be about the so-called empty (proper) names, more specifically: names that belong to fiction/pretense (e.g. “Sherlock Holmes”); and names that are empty because of an error (e.g. “Vulcan”). It will be my goal to outline a Millian account of empty names according to which: names from fiction and error refer to actual and necessarily nonexistent objects; these objects cannot have ordinary properties (e.g. being a detective), whereas they can have – and in fact have some – non-ordinary properties (e.g. being something such that fictionally, it is a detective). I will argue that the logic of such objects is not positive free logic but a version of classical logic.