Faculty & Staff


Yasuo Deguchi
Modern and Contemporary Western philosophy and Analytic Asian Philosophy: Philosophy of Kant, Philosophy of Probability Theory and Statistics, Scientific Realism, Chinese Buddhism, Dogen, and the Kyoto School of Philosophy.
Jun Otsuka
Associate professor
Philosophy of science, Philosophy of biology, Philosophy of statistics, Causality.
Takuro Onishi
Program-specific Associate Professor
Logic (non-classical logics), Philosophy of logic and mathematics, Business-academia collaboration
Ryosuke Igarashi
Program-Specific Junior Associate Professor
Kant, History of logic, Philosophy of logic, Philosophy of information.

Research Fellow

Ryota Akiyoshi Philosophy of mathematics and logic / Mathematical logic (Proof theory) / Theoretical computer science (Type theory) / Robot ethics / Smart city.
Kazuhiro Watanabe Hume, Virtue epistemology, Virtue ethics, English education(EGAP, EMI, PBLL).
Shunichi Takagi Early analytic philosophy, Wittgenstein.
Maiko Tsuji Kant, Tetens, Theory of cognitive capacities, Neo-Kantianism, Psychologism in the 19th century Germany

Academic Affairs Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Riho Matsumoto

Haruka Asada