Prof. Franz Berto レクチャーのお知らせ

日時:2016年10月12日(水) 16:30–18:00
場所:京都大学 文学部校舎地下1階 大会議室
話者:Prof. Franz Berto (University of Amsterdam)

Dialetheism and the Exclusion-Expressing Device
Dialetheism is the view that, against the Law of Non-Contradiction (LNC),
some A’s are true together with their negation, not-A. Hence a famous
anti-dialetheic objection, which I will cal the “Exclusion Problem”:
dialetheists cannot rule out anything, or express disagreement, for their
dialetheic negation of A is compatible with A.
In this talk I propose a strategy to address the problem, which starts by
assuming a primitive notion of exclusion and defines via it a notion of
contradiction, rhetorically called *absolute*, such that no contradiction
of this kind is acceptable for a dialetheist. Via such a notion we can
express in a non-question-begging way what the opposition between
dialetheists and non-dialetheists consists in, and we can give to the
dialetheist a non-pragmatic exclusion-expressing device. The big issue is
whether such a device is free from dialetheically intractable revenge
paradoxes. I have no answer to this, but I’m curious to hear what my
audience thinks!