CAPEレクチャー(Dr. Damian Szmuc)のお知らせ



日時:2017年4月4日(火), 16:30–18:00
場所:京都大学 文学部校舎1階 会議室
話者:Damian Szmuc (University of Buenos Aires, CONICET)

Infectious Logics and Their Philosophy
Infectious logics are a family of peculiar non-classical logics which count
with a truth-value that acts infectiously. By this, it is understood that
every compound sentence which receives this value, has a component that is
assigned this very same value. Thus, these values behave according to the
motto “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel”. But infectiousness not
necessarily has to be a bad feature. In fact, in this talk I present a
plethora of philosophical motivations for embracing infectious logics,
going from Buddhist philosophy to computational errors, and from
meaninglessness to analytic logical relations of various kinds.