CAPEレクチャー(Filippo Casati氏)のお知らせ



場所: 京都大学文学部校舎地下大会議室 (No.8 of this map)

スピーカー:Filippo Casati (Visiting Assistant Professor, Lehigh University)

タイトル:Resurrecting the ‘Being and Time Project’

アブストラクト:In his ‘Ontological Pluralism and the Being and Time Project’, Denis McManus has convincingly argued that the philosophical project spelled out in Heidegger’s Being and Time faces an insurmountable difficulty. In my talk, I critically discuss McManus’ ideas. I claim that McManus is fundamentally right, even though his argument could be better off by appealing to some other textual evidences and to the recent debate about infinite regresses. Moreover, I argue that the so-called second Heidegger proposes a dialetheist solution to the problem discussed by McManus.