Chen Hsun-mei

■ Research Area / 研究分野 ■
Buddhist philosophy, medical ethics / 仏教哲学・医療倫理

■ Resume, CV / 履歴 ■
09/2002-06/2007 Pharmacy School of Pharmacy, China Medical University, Taiwan

02/2010–06/2012 Philosophy Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University (NTU),
Thesis title: A Philosophical Explanation of Thought Insertion Symptom —According to Saṃdhinirmocana-Sūtra and Triṃśikā Vijnapti-kārikā

09/2012–01/2018  Ph.D. in Philosophy Department of Philosophy, NTU
04/2018-      Ph.D. in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Kyoto University

02/2014–02/2015  Visiting Ph.D. Student, Divinity School, the University of Chicago
08/2015-02/2016  Visiting Student Researcher, IEAS, the University of California at Berkeley
03/2017-09/2017  Visiting Foreign Student Researcher, Department of Philosophy, Kyoto University

■ Comment / 自己紹介 ■
In my previous study, I mainly focused on the issues in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition, especially psychology, ethics, and argumentation. Now at Kyoto University, my academic interests gravitate toward Chinese and Japanese Buddhist philosophy. I will primarily focus on Dogen’s philosophy of silence, and also on how different ways of translation impact the development of East Asian Buddhist philosophy.

■ Achievements / 業績 ■
“Beyond Utility and Virtue–The Features of Buddhist Ethics,” The 3rd International Conference on Applied Ethics and Applied Philosophy in East Asia, Taipei, Taiwan, 2012 (Published)
“Away from Altruism and Egoism by Loving-Kindness Meditation in Buddhism,” The International Conference of East Asian Buddhist Thought and Culture, Taipei, Taiwan, 2013
“Morality or Tragedy – An Alternative Moral Theory of Ji Kang,” The 6th International Conference: Applied Ethics and Applied Philosophy in East Asia, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015
“The Principle of Non-Contradiction as an Ultimate Truth in Madhyamakālaṃkāra,” The 3rd Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia (CCPEA 2016), Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 2016

2012 & 2014  Excellent Teaching Assistant Award, Center of General Education, NTU
12/2013  Graduate Student Study Abroad Program, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan.
12/2014   TUSA Visiting Student Researcher Fellowship, “Top University Strategic Alliance” in the Republic of China (Taiwan)

■ 特記事項 ■

12/2010-01/2014  Pharmacist, Watsons Personal Care Stores, Shilin, Taipei – Pharmaceutical consultation Graduate Teaching Assistant:Center for General Education, NTU:

09/2010-01/2014   Logic College of Medicine, NTU:

02/2012-06/2016    Medical Ethics Center for General Education, NTU/Department of Philosophy, NTU:

09/2010-01/2011  Philosophy of Religion
02/2011-06/2012  Introduction to Buddhism
09/2011-01/2014  Buddhist Inquiry into Life
09/2012-01/2013  Buddhist Perspectives on Bioethical Controversies
02/2013-06/2013  Buddhist Perspectives on Animals Department of Philosophy, NTU:
02/2010-06/2011  English in Philosophical Work

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