Workshop on Philosophical Semantics


日時:2015年7月10日(金) 16:30〜18:30

講演者:Masahiro Yamada (Claremont Graduate University),

Byeong-uk Yi (University of Toront)




Masahiro Yamada

Title : Laying Sleeping Beauty to Rest


Elga and others have argued that the so-called Sleeping Beauty Problem poses a challenge to Van Fraassen’s Reflection Principle. The argument rests on the assumption that conditionalization is the correct updating procedure to be used in the case: if one insists on conditionalization and the Reflection Principle, the consequence of that is less attractive than that of rejecting the Reflection Principle. I argue that general considerations of when conditionalization is appropriate show that conditionalization cannot be used in the case of Sleeping Beauty. Thus, the case does not pose a challenge to the Reflection Principle.


Byeong-uk Yi

Title : Semantic Relationism and Relational Propositions


In Semantic Relationism, Kit Fine proposes semantic relationism, the view that semantic relationship among linguistic expressions is not reducible to their intrinsic semantic features, and combines this view with referentialism, the view that intrinsic semantic features of linguistic expressions are exhausted by their referents. In this talk, I will point out some difficulties with his account, and explore a way to overcome them by taking a radical version of semantic relationism.