CAPEレクチャー(Prof. Wen-fang Wang)のお知らせ


Date and Time: From 18:15 to 19:45 on 13th June 2017
Place: the meeting room on the ground floor of the building of faculty of letters, Yoshida main campus, Kyoto University
Speaker: Prof. Wen-fang Wang (Yang-Ming University)
Language: English

Title: On Pritchard’s Solutions to Radical Skeptical Paradoxes

D. Pritchard (2016) has recently analyzed what he called “radical skeptical paradoxes” and offered his solutions to them. According to Pritchard, there are two kinds of skeptical paradoxes that ground on two intuitively plausible principles: one grounds on a version of epistemic closure principle, while the other grounds on what he calls ‘underdetermination principle’. Pritchard further argues that there is no unified undercutting solution to both paradoxes, so he appeals to two different ideas – Wittgenstein’s hinge commitment and McDowell’s disjunctivism – to solve these paradoxes. I argue in the talk that Pritchard’s solutions to radical skeptical paradoxes do not succeed. I explain in the first part what these radical skeptical paradoxes and their presuppositions are. In sections two and three, I explain Pritchard’s solutions to these paradoxes and argue that his solutions are not satisfactory.