CAPE Lecture by Dr. Romana Fotiade

2019年6月28日 @ 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

講演者: Dr. Ramona Fotiade
日時: 2019年6月28日(金) 16:30-18:00
場所: 京都大学文学部校舎地下小会議室

Learning to Live: the Death of the Subject and the Ethics of Survival

Starting from Plato’s definition of philosophy as ‘meditation on death’, and Derrida’s paraphrase of the Platonic injunction which turns the emphasis on living in the French philosopher’s last published interview (Learning to Live Finally, 2005), this paper examines the tensions between normative and performative ethics in the existential and deconstructive accounts of subjectivity and the question of the other. The argument contrasts Kierkegaard’s description of the ‘leap of faith’ as part of his conception of existence to Camus’s condemnation of this position as ‘philosophical suicide’, while considering three alternative responses to the polemic between religious and atheist standpoints on the meaning of life and the possibility of ethical justification. Lev Shestov, Maurice Blanchot and Jacques Derrida have each provided different answers to the paradoxes of nihilist, post-humanist and post-structuralist confrontations with death, survival and the other. The key notions which are explored as part of the analysis are those of the ‘transformation of convictions’, ‘outside’ and ‘spectrality’ with reference to the philosophical exegesis of fictional narratives (including Tolstoy’s ‘Master and Man’, Kafka’s ‘Before the Law’, alongside Greek myths and Biblical stories).